Our work

Strengthening local capacities to deliver comprehensive child protection interventions in Lebanon

Al Midan is part of the handover capacities for local partners with DRC, to generate the greatest impact from the community-based mechanisms developed in recent years. The main objective will be to improve the protective environment for girls and boys at risk of violence, exploitation and abuse through improved and equitable prevention and response activities such as awareness session, community-based PSS and community initiatives. Al Midan team will be working in four districts within Tripoli governorate; Zgharta, Bcharre, Batroun and Koura.

Project activities:

  • Disability inclusion: conduct outreach, design activities and interact with children, caregivers and the community from the perspective of the social and rights-based approach to disability inclusion. It is an opportunity to incorporate disability inclusion as part of the strategy targeting social norms.
  • Establishing linkages and referral pathways with the appropriate SDCs, judicial, mental and physical health, SRH and GBV, education and all other relevant service providers in their catchment areas. Al Midan team is responsible for the referrals identified outside the SDCs; during awareness sessions or community level work.
  • Design and organize dialogue tables with community leaders and stakeholders around selected social norms such as child labor, violence in the home and attitudes to disability. Developing a social change agenda including action plans to address child protection violations in their areas of responsibility.
  • A service mapping will be done by Al Midan to identify services provided by local organizations, dispensaries and other parties in all the implementation areas and share this information with the persons living there in order to increase awareness and access to services to everyone.
  • Community-Based Child Protection will be delivered to children, caregivers and community members on key CP issues, justice for children and gender-based violence. The key messages developed through the social norms strategy will be incorporated into the existing packages of sensitization sessions and key messages.
  • Capacity Building Program for two SDCs
  • Community-Based PSS targeting children, caregivers and community members.
  • Awareness sessions for children and caregivers.
  • Communities actively engaged and leading initiatives on child protection/GBV in 4 Communities.