North Lebanon Local Economic Development Agency – NORTH LEDA – is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization registered in Lebanon in March 2011 under the official registration number 611/2011.

North LEDA was established with the support of the United Nations Development Programme – UNDP ART GOLD Lebanon and is a part of international network operation in 16 countries worldwide linked through ILS LEDA (International Links & Services for Local Economic Development Agencies).

It is a model Partnership between Public Sector, Private Sector, and Civil Society and is entitled to ownership, sale and acquisition, mortgage, acceptance of donation and contribution, partnership and implementation of development projects in North Lebanon from Batroun to Akkar.

North LEDA main Strategic Objectives include improving capacities of Local Actors, enhancing Human Resource capabilities through support to the economic activities, the creation of job opportunities and promotion of the territorial image of North Lebanon Region.

Our main activities include support to MSMEs, Municipalities and Cooperatives including the Creation of internal and external Strategies, Coaching, Training and Capacity Building, Promotion and Support to brand policies, Data-Base and information on Markets trends, Assessment on Market opportunities, Facilitation of research and innovation and all kind of related Business & Technical Assistance.