Al-Midan aims to improve the well-being of vulnerable children, adolescents, women, and their families by providing psycho-social support, delivering life skills activities and strengthening local capacities for child, youth and women protection.
Vulnerable boys and girls are better protected from violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect through access to quality child protection support. Hence, Al-Midan NGO launched the “Strengthening local capacities to deliver comprehensive child protection intervention in the North of Lebanon” project in partnership with DRC and funded by UNICEF which is taking place in T5 to train children and to let them have fun at the same time.

Funded by UNICEF, our DRC protection program builds the capacities of local partners and community actors in different locations across the north, to help ensure the protection of children, youth and women in the Lebanese community.

So far through the program, we were able to:

  • UNICEF: Al Midan NGO in partnership with UNICEF, supporting the “End of Violence” Campaign launched by UNICEF in 2018, through Displaying the Campaign videos, key messages within Ehdeniyat Festival Platform targeting around 4700 parents and children, and also, organizing an open debate at Université Antonine in November 2018 included more than 100 professionals of local NGOs, schools, activists and influential persons. Participants discussed the challenges and way forward to positively deal with children and adolescents at different phases of their development.
  • Rehabilitation of the nurseries of the social public center
  • Mothers’ Day: Al-Midan NGO cares the most about mothers and especially on their day. Every year, Mrs. Rima Frangieh dedicates this day to spend it with mothers from different nationalities; Lebanese, Assyrians, Syrians, Iraqis,… and makes sure to meet their needs and give them the feeling of not being alone.
  • Facilitating the Iraqi and Syrian refugees back to school procedures: Al-Midan cares about the refugees. Every year, Al-Midan prepares hundreds of Iraqi, Syrian and Assyrian children refugees to go back to school. Al-Midan makes sure to provide these children with their school bags and stationery. Additionally, Al-Midan seeks the help of a professional physiotherapist who accompanies the group to explain to them how to carry the bags without harming their spine.
  • Presenting continuous assistance to orphans’ center: Al-Midan hopes through those regular visits to draw a smile on the children’s faces and alleviate their pain.
  • Visiting the elderly centers: Al-Midan visits the elderly centers on every occasion; Christmas, Mothers’Day,… and makes sure to equip them with the necessary and needed tools like heating and cooling systems with the support of donors especially the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates.

At a later stage, the program will focus on two additional components:

  • Boys, girls, and women at risk or survivors of violence have access to an integrated package of quality prevention and response services.
    Al-Midan will identify potential trainers from the targeted villages and built their capacity to implement quality, sustainable programming, leading to increased access to prevention and response services for boys, girls and women at risk, and survivors of violence.
  • Children, families, and communities in most disadvantaged localities have increased capacity to promote practices that protect them.
    Al-Midan is responsible for establishing, contracting, training, and following up with child protection groups in each community. The protection groups will be recruited following a methodology that was based on field visits and assessments, advertising, and meetings. The protection group volunteers will be then trained on the child, youth and women protection policy and event management. Periodic meetings will be also held with them to evaluate and prepare their activities to promote the protection.