Following several successful partnerships with multiple municipalities around various complex projects, Al-Midan will initiate the Governance programs in the north of Lebanon. The program targets the municipalities in the North Governorate.

The overall objectives of this program are:

  • To empower the municipalities and communities to overcome social issues and work together to improve the quality of life for their local communities and engage them in different projects. In this regard, Al-Midan works and will keep working closely with municipalities to mobilize and enrich community members with skills that can help them identify projects and create action plans to execute those projects.
  • To build good and sustainable relationships with these municipalities and maintain healthy communications between the municipalities and Al-Midan.

Al-Midan aims to increase social cohesion between communities, reduce inter-communal tensions, and enhance trust between communities and local government institutions. Our programs will empower local governance structures to become more responsive to the needs of all community members, including refugees.

We will build the financial, operational and coordination capacities of municipalities to manage effective service delivery, and build the skills of community and municipal representatives to identify and implement community projects that bring refugees and host communities together to address public challenges. We will partner with civil society organizations to support transparency and accountability between local governments and communities.

In addition, we will increase the capacity of community and municipal representatives to mediate and resolve local conflicts to enhance stability and resilience.

Through the program:

  • Community and Municipality representatives have improved knowledge and skills in mediation, negotiation, and protection to help defuse local conflicts, and address protection concerns.
  • Community and Municipal Representatives have increased capacity to identify and implement community projects responding to local needs.
  • Municipalities have improved financial, operational, communication, and coordination capacities to manage service delivery.