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Christmas by the Lake, Living truly the Christmas spirit. Christmas by the Lake for It is the winter festival of Al Midan.

Since its launching in 2007 at Bnachii lake in Zgharta, this winter family festival became a tradition that gathers people, of different ethnicities, religions, regions, and races, every year to celebrate the joyful season.

Passionate Al-Midan volunteers and community members work day and night to offer the festival visitors an exceptional experience and live truly the Christmas spirit. At the festival, visitors and families with their children have the ability to attend and enjoy many activities, family shows, parades and theatrical plays specifically tailored for children for free.

In addition, this festival is one of the few festivals in Lebanon where the Armenian Christmas is celebrated.

Moreover, Christmas By the Lake also hosted and will host every year, and under the Partnership with UNICEF, a fun day was organized by UNICEF and Al Midan during the 2018 Christmas by the Lake was attended by 600 children and their caregivers of which 200 were Iraqi-Assyrian refugees. Parents had the opportunity to engage with their children in topics such as bullying and physical discipline through play and interaction.

In previous years, the Christmas tree was recognized in the L.A. times for being the sixth most wonderful tree in the world.

Being an NGO, Al-Midan makes sure to celebrate also with refugees during the holiday season and offers them nutrition boxes and other supplies that help them meet their needs and feel the Christmas joy.