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Accelerate Immunization Activity – 2017-2018-2019

In 2017, the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in coordination with UNICEF and WHO launched Accelerated Immunization Activities (AIA) in Lebanon with the objective of keeping Lebanon polio free, enhancing coverage for IPV and MMR vaccines and strengthening routine immunization.

Now and considering the Measles outbreak in Lebanon and of the increasing cases in the North, Al Midan under the leadership of MoPH is seeking partnership with UNICEF to extend the AIA to reach Measles affected cadasters & most vulnerable cadasters that were not reached in 2018 and the new measles cases reported in February 2019 in North Lebanon.

AL Midan aims to implement outreach activities (including community mobilization, screening of children’s vaccination status, micronutrients& ORS distribution to approached children) in low EPI coverage & Measles affected cadasters identified by MOPH in collaboration with the Primary Health Care Centers, the district team of MOPH and UNICEF zonal offices. Implementation will start with the low EPI coverage & Measles affected cadasters (identified by MOPH), Informal Settlements (ISs) and collective shelters per the distributed protocols.

The target is the inclusion to all families having children from 0 to 15 years living in the identified cadasters. Ultimately, the entire cohort of children from 0 to 15 years, will be reached, and screened for drop-out, referral to the below selected vaccination points for this cadaster and followed-up for completion of immunization schedule.

As for the areas where AIA was implemented before yet Measles cases are identified, Al Midan will visit the dropped-out children and vaccinate them in a door-to-door approach for Measles & MMR; referral for other vaccines will be ensured.
In addition to Build the Capacities of Local Authorities on Public Health through conducting a Training on “Public Health Strategic Planning“ targeting two Union Of Municipalities.