Our vision

  • We believe the only way to build strong and just communities is by standing together and helping each other.
  • By preserving our heritage and by respecting human dignity and the common good, Al Midan seeks constantly to shape a better future.
  • Al Midan adopts human rights in its approach and works closely with its partners to help vulnerable communities and every person in need or at risk to be able to make a difference

Our mission

  • Al-Midan is a non-governmental and non-profit organization – NGO.
  • It aims to help Lebanese society and marginalized communities by engaging its citizens to play an active and positive role in their local communities.
  • Al-Midan deals with the humanitarian, rural development, social, cultural, educational and environmental causes and works closely with national and local government authorities, public sector, local communities, NGOs, international organizations, donors, charities and private sectors.

A word from the Chairwoman of the board

15 years ago when we asked ourselves how can we make things better? How can we make a positive change in our society and our environment? How to empower children, youth and women & any vulnerable groups in the society in Lebanon?

For more than a decade, Al-Midan accomplished over 200 small, medium and large projects in the areas of health, food security, ecology, tourism, autism, green growth, livelihoods, rural development, child and youth protection, women empowerment, clean water, environment, green energy, eco-tourism, education, poverty alleviation, governance, and emergency aid, among others to the different people groups regardless of their religions, ethnicities, age, and gender.

We believe in the grass root approach. We believe progress happens by bringing people together from all walks of citizens, local leaders, NGOs, municipalities, private sector, who have the drive and the influence to make positive changes and have a clear respect for the common good and human dignity.

We have implemented highly successful, innovative programs: Ehdeniyat, Cinemaiyat, Christmas by the lake, North Autism Center and the North Center for Diagnosis and Intervention, and many others.

Now we are living in a new era, in the 4th industrial revolution age where the challenges on the local, regional and the international levels are becoming more challenging and much more complex. So now more than ever We as Lebanese, need to cooperate, to think and work collectively & try to reshape our future & help create a more inclusive world, with sustainable growth & development, and continuously leading with empathy & positivity.

All that wouldn’t be possible without the hardworking team who truly love their homeland, their heritage, and their community. It is only together that we can thrive and overcome every obstacle no matter how hard it is or how impossible it seems.

“Each one of us is born to make a difference. We are seeds in this life, and if planted in the right environment and nourished properly, will become fruitful trees that give their fruit and shadow to those who are in need” Mrs. Rima stated.

Our objectives

      • Promote good governance through projects implemented in partnership with municipalities, local NGOs and INGOs, and public and private sectors to help build strong institutions in order to provide quality service for the community.
      • Organize, plan and implement projects around green energy, environmental issues, eco-tourism, and sustainable ecological solutions that help the economic green growth.
      • Support women and youth and empower them through building their capacity and creating job opportunities.
      • Ensure protection and create safe spaces for every person in need or at risk including women, children, elderly, disabled, people with special needs and marginalized communities.
      • Promote inclusive education as part of our belief that every human being has the right to education.
      • Promote and advocate for the importance of the evolution of the Educational and schooling system in Lebanon to be more relevant to the force industrial revolution.
      • Improve the livelihood conditions and strengthen communities’ capacities through implementing local development projects.

Our team

We have a diverse leadership team, with firsthand experience in the field, and a steadfast belief that communities are the best agents of their own change. Their highest priority: empowering our extraordinary Al-Midan team members.

Our board of directors

Rima Karkafi

Rima Karkafi

Youssef Saadeh

Youssef Saadeh

Tony Sayssa

Tony Sayssa

Sarkis Hlais

Sarkis Hlais

Gloria Bou Zeid

Gloria Bou Zeid

Pierre Ziadeh

Pierre Ziadeh

Antoine Bou Rada

Antoine Bou Rada


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