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Our Activities News & updates
1 Christmas by the Lake 2013- The Opening Al Midan
2 Christmas By the Lake 2013 Al Midan
3 You can read Al Midan
4 Ehdeniyat 2013 announce Al Midan NGO
5 3a ehden sharfouna Al Midan NGO
6 NAC Gala dinner Al Midan
7 LIUB 2013 Al Midan
8 Scout Christmas night at Bnashii Lake Al Midan
9 “Peace on Earth” is in its third week: Crowds at the Lake Al Midan
10 Chorus and “Fayrouziyat” at Bnashii Al Midan
11 Play theatres at “Christmas by the Lake” festival Al Midan
12 “Christmas by the lake” is still going on at Bnashii Lake Al Midan
13 “Peace on Earth”….. The fifth festival of Almidan NGO Al Midan
14 “Peace on Earth….. The Christmas festival at the border site of Bnashii Lake” Al Midan
15 The IT mobile bus in Koura Caza Al Midan
16 Cinemaiyat deplores the offense against Islam Al Midan
17 Almidan NGO: The IT mobile bus will accompany Carline Brooks in the Mountain Lebanon Trek al midan
18 Tony Hanna “made the night longer” at ALmkidan – Ehden Al Midan
19 The knights at Almidan: they spread music all over the Midan Square Al Midan
20 Ehdeniyat International Festival 2012 has been postponed al midan
21 Frangieh meets Mrs Nickelson, the baroness, and discusses humanitarian issues al midan
22 Environmental presentation on recycling by Almidan NGO at Lycée Français al midan
23 Almidan supports the traditional food manufacturing at Al koura al midan
24 Dancing show at the board of Bnashii Lake Al Midan
25 Play theatre for Ghinwa at Christmas by the Lake Festival Al Midan
26 Ukrainian show at Christmas Bnachii festival Al Midan
27 Many Christmas activities at the lake of Bnashii Al Midan
28 Christmas at Bnashii Lake rains lights and illuminations Al Midan
29 One year Anniversary for the Mobile IT center and Library bus Al Midan
30 Christmas by the Lake Al Midan
31 The TV reprsesenter, Nichan Derharoutioutian, visits NAC and support the autism program Al Midan
32 Autism……in Lebanon Al Midan
33 “NAC” I love you as you Are Al Midan
34 Ehdeniyat 2011 backstage photos almidan
35 The Alefteriadis Empire had excelled in Ehdeniyat: Bilal the Gipsy Prince and Feghaly moved Ehdeniyat to the seventh sky al midan
36 The Musician Ilham ElMadfa’i in Ehdeniyat: A typical singer, excellent musician and a high level maestro al midan
37 The heart of Ehdeniyat stage beat excitment in the concert of “Heart Beat” al midan
38 Carole Samaha a big star in Ehdeniyat almidan
39 A pink week similar to the dreams color of children in « Ehdeniyat » al midan
40 Circus Boom brings Happiness and liveliness to Ehdeniyat al midan
41 Ghinwa and her dancing show had attracted the kids who interacted with her and crowded the stadium almidan
42 Louna in Ehdeniyat among the children audience al midan
43 The big number attending Metanoia has called for a do over and new ideas have attracted visitors al midan
44 In the presence of the important man, the departed Mr. Mansour Rahbani al midan
45 Jahida Wehbe has stopped the rain of Ehden and rained music and authenticity on audience almidan
46 Metanoia: mixture of Philosophy, Geology and Jazz music in the sky of Ehden al midan
47 Bond shined in Ehdeniyat in music, dance and presence almidan
48 Tino Favazza in a magic night of Ehdeniyat international festival almidan
49 Segara launched Ehdeniyat as a Star lighting and shining al midan
50 Ehdeniyat festival venue is a working place al midan
51 Stamp representing the president Sleiman Frangieh al midan
52 Almidan IT bus is in Koura almidan
53 International festival of Ehdeniyat almidan
54 Krakow Film Festival almidan
55 Children from Almidan and YMCA saw the Louna Play Show almidan
56 Rima Frangieh visits the United Nations Head Quarter – New York almidan
57 Day in the nature almidan
58 Almidan NGO participated in the Spring Festival almidan
59 Almidan NGO grown feast flowers and joy in Zgharta almidan
60 Almidan NGO celebrates Easter with the Assyrian Community almidan
61 The Mobile IT Center and Library is moving around the Zgharta Caza al midan
62 Greeting from Rima Frangieh to Sister Michelle Wakim (Mother of the Poor) al midan
63 The First Autism Center in the North of Lebanon al midan
64 “Ya Mahla El Nawawi” al midan
65 The mobile IT bus is moving in the villages of Zgharta casa al midan
66 Almidan and JAD NGOs soon in schools and universities al midan
67 The Fortress Home Is Back to Life through the Incentive of Almidan NGO al midan
68 ACMAS First Class Graduating Ceremony al midan
69 The opening of a diagnostic and intervention center in the North, in the near future al midan
70 Mobile IT center and Library starts its activities in Rachiine al midan
71 The First Canaan al midan
72 Protection of Lebanese Heritage al midan
73 Second round training for traditional sewing done by Almidan NGO al midan
74 Armenians of the North are guests of Almidan NGO for Christmas al midan
75 Ecological play show within “Christmas by the lake” al midan
76 Shows at Christmas by the Lake al midan
77 Visiting SOS al midan
78 Launching mobile IT Center and Library project al midan
79 Theatre play shows within “Christmas by the Lake” al midan
80 Several activities within “Christmas by the lake” al midan
81 Min Sheghli al midan
82 Exceptional Magic show for Gino in Christmas by the Lake al midan
83 Closure of the First North Olive Expo al midan
84 Green Christmas at Bnashii Lake al midan
85 North olive expo al midan
86 “Christmas by the lake” al midan
87 Herafiyat launches an artisanal fabric for carpets sewing almidan
88 Awareness campaign against the drug scourge al midan
89 Almidan trained lecturers against drugs al midan
90 Zero Waste Project al midan
91 Support of organic agriculture policies in the North al midan
92 Mrs Frangieh attended Viva La Diva Karim Massoud
93 Almidan support the olive production & cultivation al midan
94 North Autism Center – NAC al midan
95 ACMAS second round of the first level Al Midan
96 Ehden in the eyes of ten artists Al Midan
97 Inauguration of the dental clinic at Iris Frangieh center_Rachiine Al Midan
98 Textile bags distribution Al Midan
99 Garden Show and Spring Festival 2010 Al Midan
100 “THAKAFAT” exhibition in USEK Al Midan
101 Garden Show and Spring Festival 2010 Al Midan