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New Types of Schools 2017

Imagine schools where students are raised with the concept of eco communities as part of their daily education, Now imagine how would that influence the future of the country with generations of green minds that can transform it into a Zero waste country where pollution is no longer an issue and the harvest of natural energy is a reality at the benefit of a better living.

Yes an ideology that became a fact as the schools of North Lebanon went green this year. With the support, orientation and efforts of Let's Greenteam from Al Midan NGO all public and private schools in Zgharta caza, and others in Akkar and the North in general initiated the recycling process. The NGO created a green cycle where student are educated about the importance and benefits of being engaged in the recycling process at schools as well as homes.

The training was a hands on experience supported with scientific facts and figures.

“so far we distributed more than 3500 recycling bins in around 75 schools commented Dr. Sana Bou Dib Antoun. Also, She added that this is just a first step of a greater plan where the benefits of recycling are visible through what it can provide in terms of needed material and items to the public service.

Mrs. Rima Franjieh, the founder of Al Midan and initiator of recycling project emphasizes on the benefits of recycling as it does save resources, energy and most of all it protects the environment.

Also, once we educate our children to recycling we are starting a new culture.

Therefore, recycling has environmental, economic and health benefits” In this matter we can’t but to mention the great minds represented by the principals of the various schools who integrated this project. “Our students are the future of this country and it is our duty to make sure that they grow with a clear vision of what it takes to create a healthy living at home, in the community and in the country” said Sister Gloria Douaihi, director of Nazareth School in Zgharta.

To make things more appealing to the students, the NGO dedicated a branded bus for this matter to increase receptivity and visibility of the Let’s green campaign.

Green is the way of the future through the acts of Today. We invite you to step into a new life style of positive habits where eco friendly & conscious people are the leading force of a healthy & happy life. For more updates join Al Midan facebook page Al Midan NGO.